June 2018

Spring is here…the weather continues to improve bringing with it a multitude of changes.  Leasing activity is increasing,  a good time to list your property for sale if you are leaning that way;  planning for projects is in full swing (i.e., roofing, parking lot, painting, landscaping, etc.), plus maintenance needs are changing with plant growth and winter clean up needed for roofs and irrigation.   If your firm needs help managing any of these projects, give us a call.

We would like to welcome our newest property management client, South Hill Plaza at 3860 S Meridian Avenue in Puyallup.  This is a nice, multi-tenant retail project located on a very busy corner with space available both on the pad and in-line for your tenant prospect needs.

If you have a property that needs professional, hands-on management, we trust that you will reach out to us.  We would embrace the opportunity to show you what Cascade Pacific Real Estate Services can do for your property.

Should you not require management services, but have maintenance needs, Cascade Pacific Maintenance Services is here to fill that void.    The range of services we can offer is extensive.  Many tasks can be handled by our in-house maintenance staff or we can professionally manage your projects.

Cascade Pacific Real Estate Services, LLC’s is here to meet all your commercial property management needs.  In addition to property management, we are also ready to serve you in the areas of project management, consulting and real estate accounting.  As your full service management firm, we also can assist with leasing and meeting client’s maintenance needs with our subsidiary firm, Cascade Pacific Property Maintenance, LLC.  To our clients and tenants, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your maintenance needs.   “If we cannot handle it, we will find someone that can.”

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